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Electrical and Computer Engineering Course Selection – FAQ’s

Q. What are the critical content courses?

A. The critical content courses are calculus 1, calculus 2, and physics 1.

Q. What happens if I fail to maintain a minimum grade of C – in any critical content course?

A. If you fail to retain a grade of C – in any critical content course, you must enroll in that course in your next regular semester. If you fail to do this you will receive a notice regarding your dismissal from the major.

Q. What are the Electrical and Computer Engineering electives that will be offered in the Spring 2017 semester?

A. There are two electives that will be offered in the Spring 2017 semester–ELC 470 — Wireless Networks with Dr. Kim, and ELC 470–Artificial Neural Networks with Dr. Pearlstein and Dr. Deese.

Q. Can I take ELC 470 more than once?

A. Yes, the number 470 denotes that the course is a special topics course. If you wish to take more than one, you may as long as they are different topics and different classes.

Q. Can I graduate according to the new curriculum requirements even though the requirements were different when I enrolled?

A. Yes. However if you wish to graduate under the new curriculum you must first get the permission of the department chair. In addition, you must also completely satisfy all of the requirements of the new curriculum or all of the requirements of the old one. You may not mix and match requirements from each.

Q. How many course units is senior project?

A. Senior project is 0.5 course units per semester. An ECE student must take two semesters of senior project.

Q. If I plan to graduate in December, when should I take senior project?

A. If you plan to graduate in December, you should take senior project your last full year at TCNJ.

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