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Electrical and Computer Engineering Senior Projects 2016-2017


Autonomous Vehicle

Members: Justin Cheng,  Ian Patel, Larissa DePamphillis  & Jonathan Schramm

Advisors: Dr. S. Kim and Dr. L. Gega

Student Website:


Autonomous Quadcopter

Members: James Martinez

Advisor: Dr. A. Adegbege



Front-End Design for RISC-V Microcontroller Application-Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC)

Members: Dan Sarnelli, Rich Levenson, Jeremy Leon, & Hunter Dubel

Advisor: Dr. L. Pearlstein

Student Website:


Digital Hearing Aid

Members:.Al Bojkovic,  James Burke, & Chris DeRocco

Advisors: Dr. A. Katz

Student Website:


Gesture Recognition Using Computer Vision

Members: Raphael Rezkella & Joe Stack

Advisors: Dr. A. Deese

Student Website:


Analog Chip Design

Members: Christopher Kozlowski , Luke May, & Shubh Tandon

Advisor: Dr. A. Adegbege

Student Website:


Data Acquisition for Biomedical Applications

Members: Eric Brokaw , Tim Laux, & Thomas Approvato

Advisor: Dr. A. Adegbege

Student Website:


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