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RF/Microwave & Wireless Communications Research Lab

The RF/Microwave & Wireless Communications Laboratory provides advanced technical support to local industry and it offers students unique educational opportunities in RF and microwave research, preparing our students for work in industry and graduate school.

RF/microwave research is presently being conducted in the following areas:

  • The development of pre-distortion linearizers for 8 GHz and 28 GHz radio-over-fiber communications systems.
  • The measurement and characterization of nonlinearities in wireless communications subsystem components, such as amplifiers and mixers.
  • Antenna design, active microwave filters and adaptive RF/microwave systems

Work is being done at RF frequencies ranging from 100 MHz to 40 GHz

Our primary research area involves distortion correction.  Projects have involved feedback, predistortion and feedforward techniques.  The application of these techniques to the transmission of high definition television and cable television systems has been investigated.  Work has been done on the modeling of non-linear systems

Four personal lab areas are reserved for RF/microwave research.  One area is for RF/photonics work, another for general RF/microwave measurements, a third for environmental testing containing a Tenny Chamber, and a fourth area for circuit fabrication.  These areas include 12 quality microwave spectrum analyzers , 16 vector network analyzers, numerous microwave generators, a noise figure meter, a wire-bonder and microscopes.

 Student showing off RF/microwave equipment. Students research RF/microwave using provided equipment.

Our most important product is our graduates.  One measure of our success is that at least four established RF/microwave firms in New Jersey trace their existence to TCNJ engineering graduates!


Dr. Allen Katz