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Message from the Chair

Anthony DeeseIf engineering is the science and art of solving problems, then these are exciting times! The department provides a personalized and caring learning environment for its students, enhanced by high quality faculty, staff, facilities, and equipment. Highly qualified professors provide individualized attention, there are no teaching assistants, and class sizes are small. The environment includes exceptional instruction, frequent opportunities for relevant laboratory experience, practicing of communication and teamwork skills, research, and challenges to undertake realistic engineering projects.

We believe in preparing our students for the future by providing up-to-date curricula and teaching methods. The senior design projects, the hands-on nature of the laboratories, and practical experience have earned TCNJ graduates the reputation of being work-ready. Senior projects compete at regional or national level. Some of these projects and competitions are the IEEE Micromouse, Intelligent Ground Vehicle, Artificial Intelligence/Mobile Robot, Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, and the IEEE High Efficiency Power Amplifier Design competition.

The program also provides a base for both graduate study and lifelong learning in support of evolving career objectives. A very large percentage of our graduates attend graduate school. The existing opportunities for high quality and challenging undergraduate research projects open the doors of the most prestigious graduate schools. Our graduates have been accepted into graduate programs at Drexel, Penn State, University of New Mexico, Princeton University, Georgia Tech, and Yale University.

Our vision demonstrates the department’s long-standing commitment to providing an exemplary, high quality undergraduate program in a vibrant project and research based environment.

Anthony Deese, Ph.D.

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