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Electrical & Computer Engineering Senior Projects 2015-2016


Nao Operated Autonomously Navigating Mechanical Vehicle

1. Philip Baldoni
2. Sarah Dresher
3. Evan Miller

Advisors: Dr. Seung-yun Kim, Dr. Lisa Grega

Student Website:


Design and Verification of a complete Application Specific Integrated Circuit

1. Kevin Cao
2. Whitley Forman
3. Dhruvit Naik
4. Zachary Nelson
5. Juliann Swift

Advisors: Dr. Larry Pearlstein, Dr. Orlando Hernandez

Student Website:


Design and Development of Assessment Software for Higher Education Institutions

1. Anthony Fontanetta

Advisor: Dr. Orlando Hernandez


Armstrong Parking Lot Availability System

1. Dylan Johnson
2. Kyle Conklin

Advisors: Dr. Larry Pearlstein

Student Website:


Little Box Challenge – Power Inverter

1. Nicholas Donatelli
2. Eduardo Velasco

Advisor: Dr. Anthony Deese

Student Website:


Autonomous Quadcopter

1. Timothy Kindervatter
2. Kyle Villano

Advisor: Dr. Ambrose Adegbege

Student Website:


Satellite Dish Restoration

1. Nick Rubino

Advisor: Dr. Allen Katz

Student Website:


Iridium Based Communication for UAV

1. Michael Zunstein

Advisor: Dr. Allen Katz

Student Website:


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